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EW3517 | Bluetooth Speaker
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Service and support
This users manual has been carefully written by Ewent’s technical experts.
If you have problems installing or using the product, please ll out the support form at the website
Warranty condions
The ve-year Ewent warranty applies for all Ewent products unless mentioned otherwise before or during the moment of
purchase. When having bought a second-hand Ewent product the remaining period of warranty is measured from the moment
of purchase by the product’s rst owner. The Ewent warranty applies to all Ewent products and parts indissolubly connected
to and/or mounted on the main product. Power supply adapters, batteries, antennas and all other products not integrated in or
directly connected to the main product and/or products of which, without reasonable doubt, can be assumed that wear and tear
show a different pattern than the main product are not covered by the Ewent warranty. Products are not covered by the Ewent
warranty when exposed to incorrect
Declaraon of Conformity
To ensure your safety and compliance of the product with the directives and laws created by the European Commission you
can obtain a copy of the Declaration of Conformity concerning your product by sending an e-mail message to: info@ewent-on
- You can also send a letter to: Ewent Europe, PO Box 276, 6160 AG Geleen, The Netherlands.
Ewent Italy, Crocevia 12, 39057 Appiano (BZ), Italy. Clearly state ‘Declaration of Conformity’ and the article code of the product
of which you would like to obtain a copy of the Declaration of Conformity.
EW3517 | 06-2013
To recharge the device, connect the EW3517 to your PC or
USB charger with the supplied cable. When the charging is
over, the red indicator will be off
Laad de EW3517 Speaker op met de bijgeleverde kabel via
je PC of USB oplader. Zodra het opladen voltooid is, gaat het
rode lampje uit.
Per ricaricare il dispositivo collegare l’EW3517 al PC o al cari
catore USB con il cavo in dotazione. Al termine della ricarica il
Led rosso si spegnerà.
Para recargar el dispositivo, conecte el EW3517 a su PC o
al cargador USB con el cable suministrado. Cuando la carga
haya nalizado, el LED rojo se apagará.
Para carregar o dispositivo, ligue o EW3517 ao seu PC ou
carregador USB utilizando o cabo fornecido. Quando o carre
gamento terminar, o indicador vermelho irá desligar-se
Az eszköz feltöltéséhez csatlakoztassa az EW3517 eszközt a
PC-hez vagy USB-töltőhöz a mellékelt kábel segítségével. Ha
a töltés befejeződött, a vörös jelzőfény kialszik
Pour recharger l’appareil, connectez l’EW3517 au PC ou char
geur USB avec le câble fourni. Une fois la recharge terminée,
le voyant rouge
Um das Gerät aufzuladen, schließen Sie den EW3517 über
das mitgelieferte Kabel an Ihren PC oder das USB-Ladegerät
an. Ist das Gerät vollständig aufgeladen, erlischt die rote
Anzeige. s’éteindra.
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