Mode d'emploi Sunstech AQUA EN ES PT

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1. Product and key use:
”: Press it for play/pause, press and hold it for power
ON/OFF (hold for 3 seconds). When not playing, press it back to
last menu.
M”: Press it confirm/enter the sub-menu, press and hold it
back to main menu.
”: Last, Fast Reverse
”: Next, Fast Forward
V”: Adjust volume
3.5mm Earphone jack & USB port
Lanyard hole
Definition about pressing keys:
Press a key: hold this key in one second
Press and Hold a key: hold this key over 3 seconds and then
release it
2. Function description
2.1.1 Hold and press “
” to power on the player, press “M” to
enter “MUSIC”, and it starts playing music automatically.
2.1.2 Select music: Press “
/ ” to select last or next song.
Volume control : Press “V” button to activate the volume
function, then press / ” buttons to reduce or increase the
2.2.1 In the main interface, select "FM RADIO", press "M" to
2.2.2 In FM interface press “ / ” to manually search station.
2.2.3 In FM interface press “M” to enter sub-menu, press “ / ” to
select relevant function.
Auto Search: After select the function of Auto search, enter FM
interface it will start searching station automatically.
FM Record: Select FM record, you can record the favorite station
program and save to the file of “FMRECORD”.
In the main interface select “FM Voice”, press “M” to enter, press
” to start playing the FM record.
2.4 E-BOOK
Select "E-book", press "M" to enter, press “
/ ” to select the file
you want to read, press "
" again to start reading the selected
file. When reading, press “ / ” to page up/down.
Select "File Browse", press "M" to enter, you can see all the files
which saved in the memory disk, press "M" again to open the
relevant file (the files must be of format which the player can
In setting user can setup the system parameters, the options may
change with upgraded firmware.
Select "System Settings", press "M" to enter.
2.6.1 Time: press "M" to enter, user can set system time of the
2.6.2 Backlight: press "M" to enter, user can set the screen-save
2.6.3 Language: press "M" to enter, select the language
according to different customer’s request.
2.6.4 Power off: press "M" to enter, there are “Off time” and
“Sleep time”:
Off time: set up a time (unit: second), in the status of no any
operation, the player will power off automatically to save power in
a certain set time,
Sleep time: set up a time (unit: minute), regardless there’s
operation or not, the player will shut down compulsively in a
certain set time.
2.6.5 Restore Default: press "M" to enter, user can Restore the
system settings as default.
2.6.6 Memory info: press "M" to enter, it displays the memory
2.6.7 Firmware version: press "M" to enter, user can check the
version of current firmware.
Note: If, for any reason, the unit fails to operate properly, freezes
or fails to respond, press the RESET hole and the unit will be
Warranty conditions
The warranty of this product is for 2 years since the purchase
The warranty will exclude breakdowns caused by bad use of
the product, wrong installation or installation in not desirable
places for a proper maintenance of the product, rips, updates of
the products that are not the supplied by the brand, pieces wore
away for its use or for not domestic or inappropriate use. Also are
excluded breakdowns caused for manipulations of the products
by people or companies alien to our company.
For any request regarding the warranty terms, the purchase
receipt must be attached