Mode d'emploi Sunstech THORN EN ES PT

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User Manual
Congratulation for the purchasing of the THORN
Player. The high integration reduces the device weight
and the dimensions and the use is comfortable. The
big display with TFT technology oers clear and sharp
information and the USB 2.0 High Speed interface
make easier the data transfer operation from/to the
computer. The EM820 MP3 Player has built-in a
Li-Polymer battery rechargeable by computer USB
port. By the microphone inside it is possible to record
voice messages and play them directly with the device
or by computer.
Before using this product, please read this manual and
retain the instruction for future reference.
Here below you will nd a product description
1. Power ON/OFF
2. Play [] / Pause []
3. Previous [] / Backward []
4. Menu
5. Earphone Connector
6. USB Connector
7. VOL – (Decrease the Volume)
8. Next [] / Forward []
9. VOL +(Increase the Volume)
10. MICRO SD Card Slot
1. Display
Here below you will nd a display description
1. Total Number of Songs
2. Current Song Location
3. Volume
4. File Format
5. Elapsed Time
6. Total Time
7. EQ Animation
8. Song Name
9. Repeat Mode
10. Battery Life
11. EQ Mode
12. Play Rate
2. Use
2.1 Power ON/OFF
The MP3 player has built-in a rechargeable battery. At
the rst use we suggest to recharge the battery for a
long period (around 8 hours). To recharge the battery
please connect the MP3 player to USB computer port.
Powering On:.
1. Turn on On/O button to On position
Powering O:
1. Hold the Play [] / Pause [] key until the
power-o animation begins
2. Then, turn the On/O button to O position.
2.2 Recharge the Player
The player can be recharged by the priveded
USB cable by connecting to the PC. During charging,
an icon on the right will show.
You should rst turn on you
PC, and then connect the
player to the PC throught the
USB cable. The player should
be fully charged in 2 to 3
3. Main Menu
After powering on the MP3 player, you can see
the main menu with 9 submenus (optional), which
allow you to select dierent functions and options.
By using the [] or [] buttons, you can select
the desire option, and then press M button to conrm
the selection.
To access at the main menu while you are inside
any of these submenus, press and hold MENU [M]
switch for a few seconds. (Short pressing the MENU
[M] switch usually opens the submenu option of each
The available options are:
Music: Select this option to play song.
Movie: Select this option to play AMV video.
Record: Select this option to record voice
messages by the microphone inside.
Play: Select this option to play recorded voice
Radio: Select this option to use the FM radio.
Text: Select this option to read text.
Games: Select this option to play game.
Picture: Select this option to browse and see
Setting: Select this option to access at system
3.1 Music Mode
The music player option allows playing songs. To
activate this option please follow here below
1. Power ON the MP3
Player, the screen will display
the main menu
2. By using [] or []
buttons, select MUSIC PLAY
option then press [M] button.
3. Press PLAY []
button to start to play the
rst song available.
4. Press and hold M key to return to previous
3.1.1 Key Function at Music Mode
During the song play it is possible to activate the
following controls.
PLAY [Ź]: Press the play [] to start to play
a song. Press the play button again to pause the song.
To restart to play the song press play button again.
Hold the play button for longer time will
eventually turn o the player
REW & FFWD [] Press [] or [] to select the
previous or the next song.
Press and Hold the [] or [] buttons to rewind
or fast forward the song.
Volume (VOL+ and VOL-): Press [VOL+] button to
increase the volume and press [VOL-] button to
decrease the volume.
3.1.2 Music Mode
By short pressing the MENU [M] button, you can
enter into each submenus. Press [] or [] to choose,
and then press MENU [M] key to conrm each
submenus. Use the same technique to navigate inside
each of the submenus.
In both modes (playing mode and stop mode)
you can nd the following submenus:
O Now playing
O All songs
O Album
O Artists
O Genre: Dance Music, Pop, Symphony,
Unknown Genre
O Local folder
O Create playlist
O Setting
- Repeat: Normal, Repeat one, Folder, Repeat
folder, Repeat all, Random, Intro
- Equalizer: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz,
- Tempo rate: ASS speed set, FFREV speed set
- Replay mode
- Bookmark: Bookmark select, Bookmark delete,
Bookmark add, Exit
O Delete le
O Delete all
3.2 Movie
The Movie MODE allows to play movies in AMV
Format. To activate this option please follow here
1. Power ON the MP3 Player, the <