Mode d'emploi Marker Baron 13 EPF Fixation de Ski

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Thank you for deciding on MARKER ski bindings. MARKER
bindings represent our continuing commitment to introduce bet-
ter technology and performance for all skiers. For MARKER, mak-
ing a good binding is not enough. We believe that skiers who use
our bindings should be able to perform better and have a more
enjoyable experience, regardless of snow or terrain conditions.
For your own safety we ask you to read and respect the following
warnings and instructions very carefully.
All new MARKER bindings meet or exceed the requirements
of the existing standards (ISO, DIN, ÖNORM, BfU, ASTM) and
are approved by TÜV-Product Service. However no binding is
able to release under all circumstances and conditions where
release may prevent injuries.
Skiers should understand that there are inherent and other
risks in the sport of skiing. You should, therefore, adapt your
skiing and choice of slopes according to your respective abil-
As the non-skilled installation or adjustment of ski bindings in
crease the risk of possible injuries, we seriously recommend
that you have an authorized dealer handle installation and ad-
In order to assure the required function of the ski binding, we
recommend that you do not alter the release values adjusted
by the authorized MARKER dealer.
Keep your bindings clean. Dirt, improper storage, or long pe
riods of non-use can adversely influence the performance of
your bindings.
Boots that do not meet current standards or which have worn
out soles are likely to influence the release capacity of your
You should, therefore, have your equipment checked by an
authorized MARKER dealer at least once per year and any
time you experience or suspect problems.
In order to not lose the ski after a release in deep snow, we
recommend the use of a powder cord.
As ski bindings are exposed to dirt and salt when transported
on the roof of a car—conditions which could result in a mal-
function of the binding--we recommend the use of a binding
cover when travelling.
Any improper use of the binding, such as on a monoski, or
alterations of any kind concerning parts of the binding or the
ski brake increase the risk of the binding either not releasing
or releasing incorrectly.
The application of additional accessories or cants can affect
proper function of the binding and/or ski brake. Therefore, these
modifications should only be undertaken by an authorized
MARKER dealer.
Please keep this „instruction for use“
Please do not ski after consumption of drugs or alcohol
Any binding purchased by mail order or over the internet must be
taken to an authorized MARKER dealer for mounting, adjustment,
testing and evaluation based on the user‘s personal data.
MARKER will not accept any responsibility or liability for any adjust-
ments made by the end user or anyone that has not been trained
and certified as a Certified Marker Binding Technician by Marker.
Because adjustments depend not only on the type of binding,
but also on the boot and the type of skier, they should exclusively
be made by an authorized dealer. The dealer is also able to me-
chanically check the functions. On the release force visual indica-
tor (2) on the toe and on the heel you can see the release
values (Z) the dealer has adjusted. Releases values exceeding
Z 10 are not recommended by MARKER or by any standards
and are at your own risk.
Step-in (also after release): Check to make sure that the boot
sole is clear of snow, ice and dirt. If the heel cup is closed, open
the heel by pressing down on the opening lever (5) with ski pole,
ski, boot, or hand. Place the toe of the boot into the toe cups
and step down into the heel cup.
Step-out (also after falls): Press down on the opening lever (5)
with ski pole, ski, boot, or hand and lift the heel of the boot at
the same time.
Piston Control Adjustment
Piston Control bindings have an engagement lever (6) posi-
tioned in front of the toe. You can set this lever in two different
positions (ON/OFF) according to the following recommendations.
The engagement lever of both ski bindings should be in the same
position when skiing.
Piston ON: packed, groomed runs, hard snow and ice
Piston OFF: deep powder
Position for transport: While holding the skis upward, base to
base, slide one ski down onto the other ski, until the brake arms
(4) lock together.
1 Toe
2 Release Force Visual Indicator
3 Brake Pedal
4 Brake Arm
5 Opening Lever / Heel
6 Piston Control Engagement Lever
The MARKER warranty is based on the confidence that these
instructions and warnings are respected. You should keep your
boots and bindings clean and have your boot/binding system
checked regularly by an authorized dealer at least once a year.
Preferably at the beginning of the skiing season, this check should
ensure that adjustment and function are correct. Store your skis
with closed bindings in a dry room that provides moderated tem-
perature. Avoid influence of great heat.
MARKER`s warranty is extended to the customer through the
MARKER authorized dealer. MARKER requests that warranty
claims or inquires are processed by authorized dealers on be-
half of their customers. In some instances, if a retail customer
should contact MARKER directly, MARKER may process the claim
or inquiry.
Defective product is defined as that product, component, or part
there of which, due to material failure or defect in workmanship,
no longer functions properly for its intended use. Final decisions
regarding any claimed product defect will be made solely by a
representative of MARKER. MARKER will, at its sole discretion,
repair, replace or refund the purchase price of a defective retail
binding for a period of two years (USA 3 years), Rental and Demo
Bindings one year. Damage caused by improper handling, non-ob-
servance of the instructions for use, non-qualified installation, im-
proper adjustment, insufficient maintenance and servicing, skiing
accident, abuse of product, or normal wear is not covered under
warranty. MARKER will not be liable for incidental or consequential
damages of any nature unless such limitation is expressly prohib-
ited by law in the applicable jurisdiction. All implied warranties are
expressly disclaimed unless law prohibits such disclaimer. In that
event, the duration of any implied warranties shall be concurrent
with the period of express warranties stated herein.


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