Mode d'emploi Ariete 2781 Vertigo Aspirateur - Notice page 9

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CAUTION: Before using the vacuum cleaner, remove all large or sharp objects from the floor to
avoid any possible damage to the cleaner itself.
First of all, before using this appliance, unwind the power cord completely and plug the appliance
into the mains socket.
To switch on, press the On/Off switch on the cleaner (FIG. 4). While using the cleaner, pull it along
behind you as if it were a trolley.
IMPORTANT: In some cases, the appliance may “whistle” when switched on. This is not a fault and
the noise will go away with time.
Varying suction power
It is possible to vary suction power as required, using the slide switch (FIG. 4). We recommend using
a minimum power for delicate materials. Select medium suction power for mattresses, upholstered
furniture and carpets. Select maximum suction power for tiled, wood or other resistant floors.
Suction control
The suction control is to be found on the hand grip and it is used to vary the suction power (FIG. 5).
This way, you can increase or reduce suction power as needed.
Maximum suction power is best for normal vacuum cleaner use, while reduced power may be more
appropriate for fabrics and upholstery.
After using the vacuum cleaner
Switch off the appliance after cleaning.
- To do this press the On/Off switch (FIG. 4).
- Then unplug the cleaner from the mains.
- To rewind the cord, press and hold down the foot switch on the appliance. The cord will be au--
tomatically rewound inside its container.
CAUTION: Take great care when using the cord re-wind switch, especially in the presence of chil--
dren or animals, since the cord may “lash about” while being rewound.
Make sure that the power cord is unplugged before re-winding it.
CAUTION: Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operation, switch off the appliance and
remove the plug from the mains socket.
Replacing the dust bag
When the indicator light shows red, then it is time to change the dust bag.
- lift the bag compartment by pushing the relevant lever outwards (FIG. 6);
- remove the container (FIG. 7);
- take out the bag, being careful not to tear it: slide the stiff card section out along the guides and
then throw the bag away;
- insert a new bag by sliding the stiff card section in along the guides and then place the container
- 7 -