Mode d'emploi Siemens KG39FPI30 Frigo Congélateur - Notice page 35

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Thawing frozen food
Depending on the type and application,
select one of the following options:
at room temperature
in the refrigerator
in an electric oven, with/without fan
assisted hot-air
in the microwave
Do not refreeze thawing or thawed food.
Only ready meals (boiled or fried) may
be refrozen.
No longer store the frozen produce for
the max. storage period.
Interior fittings
(not all models)
You can reposition the shelves inside
the appliance and the door shelves as
Pull shelf forwards, lower and swing
out to the side. Fig. 5
Raise the door shelf and remove. Fig.
Butter and cheese
Fig. 7
Bottle shelf
Fig. 8
Bottles can be stored securely on
the bottle shelf. The holder can be
Bottle holder
Fig. 9
The bottle holder prevents bottles from
falling over when the door is opened
and closed.
Ice cube tray
Fig. *
1. Fill the ice cube tray ¾ full of water
and place in the freezer compartment.
2. If the ice tray is stuck to the freezer
compartment, loosen with a blunt
implement only (spoon-handle).
3. To loosen the ice cubes, twist the ice
tray slightly or hold briefly under
flowing water.
Freezer calendar
Fig. +/A
To prevent the quality of the food from
deteriorating, it is important that
the permitted storage period is not
exceeded. The storage period depends
on the type of produce. The figures next
to the symbols indicate the permitted
storage period of the produce in months.
When purchasing frozen produce,
observe the date of manufacture or use-
by date.
Ice block
Fig. +/B
If a power failure or malfunction occurs,
the ice blocks can be used to slow down
the thawing process. The longest
storage time is obtained by placing
the ice block directly on the food
in the top compartment.
To save space, the ice block
can be stored in the door compartment.
The ice blocks can also be used to cool
food temporarily , e. g. in a cold bag.