Mode d'emploi Alpina SF-1305 Fer à Repasser - Notice page 4

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Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing this quality ALPINA home appliance. Your Alpina appliance comes with a 2 year warranty and will
provide years of service if looked after properly. The ALPINA name brings you Quality, Reliability and Dependability. We
hope you will continue to make ALPINA your first choice in home appliances.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed:
1. Read all instructions carefully.
2. Make sure the power supply corresponds to one on the rating label.
3. To avoid electrical shock, do not immerse electrical parts in water or other liquid.
4. Do not allow children to operate or play with the appliance.
5. Unplug from outlet when not in use, or before putting on/taking off parts.
6. Do not use with damaged electrical cord or plug.
7. If damaged or malfunction occurs, refer to an authorized service center only.
8. Do not place on or near hot surfaces.
9. Never pull the appliance by the power cord.
10. Do not use the appliance for other than intended household use.
For first time use, a slight emission of smoke and sounds made by the expanding plastics is quite normal and it stops
after a short time. We also recommend passing the iron over an ordinary cloth before using it. Both temperature dial
and most items of laundry have a marking which corresponds with this code:
synthetic low temperature
silk - wool medium temperature
Cotton - linen high temperature
Fabric not to be ironed
A special resin filter inside the water reservoir softens the water and prevents scale build-up in the plate. The resin
filter is permanent and does not need replacing. Please note:
Use tap water only. Distilled and/demineralised water makes the anti-calc system ineffective by altering its
physicochemical characteristics. Do not use chemical additives, scented substances or decalcifiers. Failure to comply
with the above-mentioned regulations leads to the loss of guarantee.
With the anti-drip system, you can perfectly iron even the most delicate fabrics. Always iron these fabrics at low
temperatures. The plate may cool down to the point where no more steam comes out, but rather drops of boiling water
that can leave marks or stains. In these cases, the Anti-drip system automatically activates to prevent vaporization, so
that you can iron the most delicate fabrics without risk of spoiling or staining them.
The automatic shut off device trips after the iron has been left for approx. eight minutes in the upright position or unused
for approx. twenty seconds in the horizontal position. The light comes on to indicate that shut off has tripped. As soon as
you move the iron, the device turns off and the iron starts working again.