Mode d'emploi Amana NTW4701BQ Lave-Linge - Notice page 3

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Lid Locked
To allow for higher spin speeds, the lid will lock and the
Lid Locked light will turn on. When this light is lit, the
lid is locked and cannot be opened. When this light is
blinking, the washer is paused. When this light is off, the
lid can be opened. After a cycle is started, water will enter
washer and then lock. If you need to open the lid to add
a garment after this point, you must press START/Pause/
Unlock Lid and wait for the lid to unlock. The lid will only
unlock after washer movement has stopped. Depending
on when in the cycle you try to pause, it may take several
seconds to several minutes for the lid to unlock. Press
START/Pause/Unlock Lid to resume the cycle.
This washer will perform a series of spins to check for load
balance. During this time, a series of clicks and a whirring
noise signal that sensing technology is determining if there
is an off-balance load.
After the washer basket lls to the selected water level, the lid must be closed before the wash cycle can start.
If lling stops with the lid open, close lid and press START button.
Fabric Softener option must be set to Yes to ensure fabric softener dispenses at the correct time (on some models).
At different stages of the wash cycle, you may hear
sounds and pauses that are different from those of your
previous washer. For example, you may hear a clicking
and hum at the beginning of the cycle as the lid lock
goes through a self-test. There will be different kinds of
humming and whirring sounds as the agitator tests for
load balance or moves the load. And, sometimes, you
may hear nothing at all as the washer allows time for
clothes to soak.
Spray Rinse
Select cycles default to a spray rinse. During these cycles,
you will hear water enter the washer as the tub spins,
allowing the rinse water to penetrate clothes. Check the
“Cycle Guide” for details.
Your new washer will operate differently than your past agitator-style washer.