Mode d'emploi Amana NTW4701BQ Lave-Linge - Notice page 7

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5. Add fabric softener to dispenser
(on some models)
Pour a measured amount of liquid fabric
softener into dispenser; always follow
manufacturer’s directions for correct amount
of fabric softener based on your load size.
Dilute liquid fabric softener by lling the
dispenser with warm water until liquid
reaches the underside of the rim. See Max
Fill line arrows. Then set Fabric Softener
option knob to YES.
Fabric Softener option knob must be set
to YES to ensure proper distribution at
correct time in cycle.
Adding Liquid Fabric Softener Manually to Wash Load
During the nal rinse, wait until the washer has completed lling,
press the START/Pause/Unlock Lid button to pause the washer.
Lift the lid and add the measured recommended amount of liquid
fabric softener. Do not use more than the recommended amount.
Close the lid and press the START/Pause/Unlock Lid button again
to start the washer.
4. Add liquid chlorine bleach to
Chlorine Bleach
Do not overll, dilute, or use more than 1 cup (250 mL).
Do not use color-safe bleach or Oxi products in the same
cycle with liquid chlorine bleach.
3. Load laundry into washer
Turn cycle knob to choose your wash cycle. For more
information, see “Cycle Guide”.
6. Select CYCLE
Load garments in loose heaps evenly
around basket wall. For best results, do
not pack the load tightly. Do not wrap
large items such as sheets around the
agitator; load them in loose piles around
the sides of the basket. Try mixing
different sized items to reduce tangling.
IMPORTANT: Do not tightly pack or
force items into washer. Items need to
move freely for best cleaning and to reduce
wrinkling and tangling.