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2. Installation instructions
The room temperature regulator must be fitted by an authorised specialist under consideration
of these operation and installation instructions and the operating and installation instructions
of the storage heater.
All electrical connection and installation work must be performed in accordance with the VDE
regulations 0100, the regulations of the electricity supply company responsible and the pertinent
national and regional regulations.
2.1 Technical Data
2.2 Packing Unit
1 room temperature regulator with
– connecting lead charging and discharge control unit
– 6-pole connector with cable harness
1 ON/OFF switch switch with 2 wires
1 potentiometer with connecting lead
1 temperature selector knob
1 Operating and installation instructions
1 room temperature sensor with 2 screws
1 circuit diagram label
1 control panel label
2.3 Installation
Disconnect the storage heater from the power supply before starting installation work.
When connecting the storage heater to an automatic charging control unit, there may be
voltage at the terminals A1/Z1 – A2/Z2 even when the fuses are removed.
When installing several storage heaters in a row make sure that the room temperature controller is
installed in the outside right unit. This guarantees that the room temperature can be measured
2.3.1 Order of Installation
Remove air outlet and inlet grille, front wall and right side wall as described in the storage
heater operation and installation instructions;
Press the dummy caps (1) for the switch and temperature selector knob out of the control panel
at the top and bottom left from the switching area side using a suitable tool.
Installation of the ON/OFF switch:
Push the black wire (length L = 550 mm) and brown wire with the flat connectors onto the
switch (2) through the holder (3) and snap the holder onto the metal bracket (4).
Press the On/Off switch (2) with the symbol „I“ into the right of the holder.
Fix the potentiometer (5) with plugged on 3-wire connecting lead from the switching area side
to the angle plate (4) with a screw 4 x 10 mm. It should be noted here that the rotary axis of the
potentiometer is turned to the left (anti-clockwise) and the flat side of the rotary axis is facing
to the right.
Lay the 3-wire connecting lead of the potentiometer along the back of the angle plate to the
discharge control unit slot (fix the connecting lead to the control panel and the angle plate with
the cable strap).
Swing forward the angle plate in the switching area to take up the mains terminals after
loosening (not completely unscrewing) the screw in the rear wall.
Plug the connecting lead (X25) on the discharge control unit (A2) to the charging control unit
(A1) (page 7).
Rated voltage
Connection rating
Control power
RTi 102 E
1/N/PE ~ 50 Hz 230 V
10 A
RTi 103 EP
1/N/PE ~ 50 Hz 230 V
10 A with supplementary heating
100 VA
For the User