Mode d'emploi AEG RTi 102 E Thermostat - Notice page 17

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Circuit diagram WSP 1210 - 4810 F with RTi 103 EP
Circuit diagram WSP 3510 and 5010 N with RTi 103 EP
A1: Electronic charging control unit
B1: Brick temperature sensor - charging
E1 - E6: Heating element (storage heater)
F1: Safety temperature limiter
F2: Fuse (250 V / 2 A slow-blow)
K1: Thermal relay
M1 - M3: Fan discharge
N4: Temperature limiter - charging
N5: Temperature limiter - discharging
R1: Adjuster – charging (selector knob)
V4: Pilot lamp operation emergency operation
X1: Mains terminal
X2: Terminal
X3: DC terminal 0.91 – 1.43 V
X16: Control signal matching 4-stage
X17: Power reducer 4-stage
Special accessories
not included in delivery scope, mark the respective accessory if installed
Integr. room temperature regulator proportional
A2: Electronic discharge control unit
B2: Room temperature sensor discharge
R2: Adjuster discharge (selector knob)
S2: ON/OFF switch room temperature regulator
Supplementary heater
E8: Supplementary heating element
N2: Temperature regulator – supplementary heater
N3: Temperature regulator – supplementary heater
S1: ON/OFF switch – supplementary heater
Note the permissible rating of the room temperature regulator
when installing the supplementary heater (E8)!
For the Fitter
AC-signal 230 V
Charging control signal
DC signal
charging control signal
electron. charging
control unit
electron. discharge
control unit
Control circuit
1/N/PE AC 50 Hz 230 V
3/N/PE AC 50 Hz 400 V