Mode d'emploi ARCHOS 90 Liseuse

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Charging the Battery
Before using your ARCHOS for the rst time, completely
charge the battery!
1. Connect the supplied USB cable to the ARCHOS and
to a running computer.
The ARCHOS device will turn on and mount.
2. Press the Back button.
When the device is charging, the charging indicator
color is red.
Note: please turn the Reader to standby mode to
shorten the charging process (short press on on/off
Transferring media to your ARCHOS
1. Connect the supplied USB cable to the ARCHOS and to a running computer.
2. Transfer your media files to the ARCHOS by copy/pasting them into the respective folders.
3. Once all your file transfers are finished, close any other program that may have read or written to the ARCHOS.
Windows: Click on the ‘safely remove’ icon in the system tray, next to the clock. You can now unplug the USB
Mac: Drag the ARCHOS hard drive icon on the desktop toward the trash (which will change to an “unmount” icon)
and drop it in.
Linux: Right-click on the ARCHOS USB device icon and select “unmount” or “safely remove.”
4. You can now unplug the USB cable.
Inserting a Micro-SD Card
You may damage the card and the reader if you do not
insert it properly.
- Push the card into the card slot until it clicks.
- To remove the card, push it once again until it clicks.
- When a Micro-SD card is inserted in or ejected from the
card slot, it may take few seconds for the eReader to
update the content.
- Do not insert or eject a Micro-SD card when other
operation is running as this may cause the system hang.
- Do not remove the card if the content inside the card is
being played. This will halt the operation of the device
and cause it to restart.